can I plug 2 adapters in order to connect to 2 devices?

I have a Lenovo workstation and a pluggable BLE 4.0 USB adapter paired with a Wahoo cycling trainer. I would like to also pair other sensors like cadence, heart rate etc. I want to know if I can plug more than 1 BLE USB adapter on the computer to then connect to more sensors/devices via the 2nd, 3rd etc. adapters.

Hi Marcelo,

Thank you for your question. You can’t use more than one Bluetooth adapter in a Windows computer. However, your one adapter should be able to see and connect to both your Wahoo trainer and your HR, cadence and other sensors, if the app you are using supports them and they are able to connect through Bluetooth in Windows.

I have a Wahoo Kickr, Tickr, and Blue SC, and I have found that all three connect really well to Zwift and Sufferfest using an Ant+ adapter. I haven’t testing them with our Bluetooth adapter though because they didn’t previously work with Bluetooth in Windows. I’ll try it now and see if it now works.

What cycling app are you using?

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Thanks David!

I am using Zwift. They tell me I have to use their mobile app as go between the Kickr and the PC. Did not have to do that before the latest software update. With the mobile app it connects OK.

I also have a Garmin Ant+ adapter, but Kickr seems to work well with BLE so I have not used it.

Hi Marcelo,

I’ve heard of having to use the mobile app as a go between, but I haven’t tried it because it sounded like a pain.

The Kickr also works really well with the Garmin Ant+ in Zwift, and you can still use the mobile app. That’s what I’m using and it connects to the Tickr and cadence meter too.