Can I locate the USB Hub away from my desk?


I’m setting up a small office in my home and there isn’t enough room on my desk for all the USB devices that I would like to connect to my iMac. Consequently these USB devices will need to be located on some shelves a few feet away.

Rather than locate the Plugable hub on my desk, could I locate the hub with these devices?

If so, that would enable me to run just one longer cable between my iMac to the hub and then use shorter cables to connect the various devices. (Otherwise I would need to run several longer cables to the hub).

Is this possible (within the limitations of USB)?

I’m “guestimating” 8 to 10 feet should do it to reach the shelving.

(P.S. - I’ve been impressed with the quality of the support on your site! – almost unheard of - Great Job!!)


Hi John,

Thanks for your question, and thanks so much for your kind words!

Absolutely, that’s no problem.

USB 2.0’s specified max cable length is 5 meters/16.4 feet – and since it’s a digital connection, there’s no degradation in performance as you get to longer lengths (as long as the cable is properly shielded for its length - if it’s not you can get errors). So the distance you’re shooting for is no problem.

Our 10 port hub comes with a 3 foot cable. What I’d do is connect it with a passive cable extender to the computer. The AmazonBasics 9 foot one is inexpensive and high quality Or you can go with an active cable like this 16 foot one to get more distance.

Either way, you’ll be all good to move that cluster of USB 2.0 devices into its own area, and clear up that space on your desk.

Again, thanks for the question! We hope it helps. Please just let us know if you have any follow-ups.

Thank you!