Can I have 2 Docking stations connected to the laptop for even more monitors?

Hi, I was wondering about having 2 UD-160-A docking stations connected to 2 of the USB ports on my laptop so I can fully utilize all 3 external monitors. One would be connected to the laptop directly (the widescreen) and then the other 2 would be connected to each of the docking stations. Is this possible? To have 2 docking stations and 3 external monitors for one laptop? Thanks!

Wow, thanks for the response. I am looking into the two docking stations because of the extra USB ports (external hard drive, mouse, keyboard, printer, iphone charger/adapter, camera adapter, and flash drives). Currently I only have 2, so adding the 2 docking stations will supply 8 without the unnecessary hassle of disconnecting and connecting over and over again different wires.

However, your response begs me to ask the question about the multiple audio cards and network connections. Will there really be downsides once the audio card and network is established after the first time? Or will I need to configure it every time I connect the docking station again? And the $20 extra from the UGA-2K-A to the UD-160-A is definitely not a deal breaker.

Thanks again!

Oh and I found this product on and the question came up from the Reviews section when someone mentioned the possibility of having 2 docking stations, but the reviewer had done it himself.

Hi Daniel - Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, the extra network and audio devices aren’t a big deal. The network connections will just sit disconnected/unused if there is no network cable actually attached.

The audio device can be active even if no speakers are plugged in. Windows will select a default audio device which might be hard to predict, but it’s easy for the user to set to a specific audio device as the new default in the control panel. See… for some screenshots.

So two docking stations will definitely work.

Another way to get the additional USB ports (lots of them) with the docking station is to add something like our new Plugable 10 Port Hub to the mix. It is compatible with everything else we’ve talked about here, and can be connected either directly off the laptop or from the docking station. Again, a way to save a few $.

Thanks again!

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the question!

Yes, you can definitely have two USB docking stations attached to a single PC and all the devices will work, giving you 3 independent active monitors … but there is a better/cheaper way …

With two USB docking stations, you’ll have the ability to attach two additional monitors, but you’ll also have two additional network connections and audio cards. That can cause confusion (e.g. Windows only selects a single audio card to enable) and unused devices.

So the recommended way to do what you’re thinking is to pair a single UD-160-A docking station with a single USB graphics adapter like the UGA-2K-A (2048x1152) or UGA-125 (1440x900)

That’ll give you the two additional monitors (for a total of 3) you’re looking for, without any downsides and at lower cost. Lots of our users pair the docking station and a USB graphics adapter or two this way.

Thanks again for your interest and the question!