Can I choose which folders to migrate?

I have already migrated many data folders, can I pick and choose from the old computer which folders to migrate with Easy Transfer?

Hi Wayne,

Thank you for posting your question.

If you want to pick and choose which folders to migrate, you best bet is to use the Bravura Easy Computer Sync software that is included in your purchase of the Easy Transfer Cable. It has an Explorer-like drag and drop window that lets you select individual files and folders to transfer. It also has a feature that warns you in case of a possible overwrite of a file, and lets you decide whether to overwrite, keep the existing file, or make a copy with a different name.

You can see some details in this blog post on our site:…

You should have received an email with the Bravura download location and product key when you purchased the cable. If not, please send your order number by private email to, and we can look up your key for you.

I hope it helps,