Can I call for warranty support?


I’ve e-mailed the support address two business days ago requesting warranty service on my dead Pluggable UGA-2K-A but have not yet received a response. (I have no replies in my spam folder.)

Is there a number I can call? How long is the e-mail queue otherwise?



Thanks for posting here! I replied (on March 07, 2012 00:30 PST) within 30 minutes of receiving your email at with a request to confirm your address so that we can ship the replacement.

We require a confirmation of address before we can ship out replacements. I am sorry that you did not receive that mail.

If you could shoot us an email at with the best address to send the replacement and a link to this thread, I will see to it that a replacement is shipped to you on Monday itself and send you the tracking information as soon as it is available to me.



Thanks for your ultra-fast response, Roze. I’ve just received your resend and have confirmed my address.

Enjoy the weekend; your late-Friday night effort is very much appreciated.




Thanks for the kind words! Your address confirmation has been received and the replacement will ship on Monday.

Have a great weekend!