Can i add additional usb adapters to exisiting docking station

Hi I have an existing PLUGABLE USB-C TRIPLE 4K DISPLAY DOCKING STATION which allows me 3 displays currently. I have 3 displays already added. Can i use UGA-HDMI-2S or UGA-HDMI-S to add additional displays ?

In addition if i run out of USB ports on my current docking station can i add a USB Hub such as USB3-HUB7C?

Thank you in advance

Hello and thanks for contacting Plugable!

We expect that this combination should work as you hope. However please take note of a few things below.

  1. It is recommend that you attach any graphics adapters such as our UGA-HDMI-2S directly to the docking station, and not daisy chained through a hub. This is to assure the best experience. This recommendation also applies to devices such as external hard drives that draw power off the dock, and do not have their own external power source.
  2. Daisy chaining other devices such as peripherals (keyboard, mouse), thumb drives, or similar devices should work well.

Please let us know how we can be of additional assistance. We’re here to help!

Sean // Plugable Support //

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