Can dock "pass-thru" the actual HDD "hardware IDs" to the O/S?


re: {Plugable USB3-SATA-U3| on {Win 7 PC}
Can this dock “pass-thru” the actual HDD “hardware IDs” to the O/S?

All I see is this:
" USBSTOR\DiskPlugableUSB3-SATA-U3____0___ "
{e.g. hardware Ids for DOCK, not the HDD}


Hi J.M.

Thanks for posting.

The firmware for the U3 does not support pass through of the HDD model ID string. However, the firmware of our UASP1 (“lay-flat”) docking station does support this.

If you wish to swap out the U3 for the UASP1 and purchased the U3 within the last 30 days, the best approach will be to return the U3 using the automated return system at and then purchase the UASP1 as a replacement.

If the purchase was more than 30 days ago, please email (subject: ticket# 119015) with the Amazon Order ID number from the purchase and we’ll see what we can do to help.



thnx for prompt reply & exchange offers.
f/u : any plans to update the U3-firmware to provide that useful feature?


We’ve investigated adding this feature via a firmware update, but ASMedia (makers of the chipset/firmware) were not willing to accommodate the request.