camera is being used by another application, no preview is available

Hi David,

Thanks for posting here. I’ve given instructions for dealing with this to your email address.

I am having the same problem. Can you post the solution here? Thank you.

Hi Mark,

Thank you for posting here. I’m sorry about the problem with your camera.

It was a really complicated issue that was specific to his device, and there aren’t any universally useful instructions to post.

Typically situations where there is an error that the camera is being used by another device are complicated. It involves another device on the computer taking control of the camera drivers even though it isn’t using the camera. We have to examine the situation of the computer involved and find the software causing the problem. Since it involves a lot of back and forth and getting information about your computer, it is better to do it by email instead of in a public forum like this one.

Could you please contact us directly at about this?


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