Can I use a longer cable to connect between my computer and your USB 2.0 10 Port Hub?

Hi - Thanks for the question! Yes, definitely.

Many people buy Amazon’s inexpensive 3 meter/9.8 foot cable ( in combination with the hub to be able to position the hub (and all its connected devices) more than 12 feet from their computer. It’s the most common combo purchase we see.

With the right cable, you can easily get further: up to 5 meters distance total (USB 2.0 spec limit). And actually the controller chip we use in our hubs has better signaling and error handling than normal – so with a well shielded cable, we’ve actually been able to use it up to 12m distance reliably (the Amazon cables aren’t shielded well enough to get you quite that far, though).

Hope that helps. Thanks for the question!