bt41e not recognized RHEL 6

With the Plugable USB Bluetooth 4.0 Low energy adapter installed and RHEL6 update 4 installed selecting Bluetooth tells me that no Bluetooth device is installed. I thought this was compatible with the latest versions of Linux?

Hi Bob,

Thanks for contacting us. The adapter is compatible with Linux kernels 3.0.34 and higher on distros where the Bluetooth drivers and the BlueZ stack is included. We don’t and can’t list any distros on our product page, since every Linux distro + update can be different at the kernel level and with what supporting software is included. But we do try to list the kernel version where the open source driver is first present:

RHEL 6 (originally released in 2010) is on kernel 2.6.32-358 with updates, which is an older kernel version than the support for this adapter:…

It would be possible to get the adapter working on RHEL 6, but it would require a custom kernel, which isn’t for the feint of heart.

The next version of RHEL, RHEL 7 is based largely on Fedora 19, and is expected to include newer kernel support, so that could be a supported upgrade path.

Sorry for the bad news. Hope that background helps!