bt-key3XL completely dead after running out of battery, then recharging

My bt-key3XL ran out of battery. Now I have recharged it, but it won’t turn on! How can I fix it?

They keyboard lasted about a month on the most recent charge, and yesterday I noticed that it indicated only one “blink” when I checked the battery level. This afternoon, it stopped responding and I assumed that the battery had run out. As soon as I noticed I connected it to power, and the Power light turned red-- but the keyboard wouldn’t turn on.

I waited until it was completely charged (when the Power light turned from red to off) and tried to turn it on again, but it still won’t turn on.

The ways I tried to turn it on in both of the above cases were:

  • Pressing fn + {1,2,q,w,e,right-Alt}
  • Pressing fn + {each combination of the above keys}
  • Folding up and unfolding both flaps of the keyboard

I got this keyboard new about 3 months ago, and it’s never failed to turn on until now-- but I also had never let it run completely out of battery until now. Please help!

Hello Preston,

If the keyboard has remained unfolded, this could be why the keyboard is not turning on. The keyboard should turn on when it is folded up, then unfolded again. When performing this action with the battery properly charged, it should cause one or more of the LED at the top of the keyboard to illuminate.

Once the keyboard has be turned on this way, it should allow you to use the key combination to activate Bluetooth pairing (Fn+C).

If this is not happening, could you please contact us at with your order number?

Hello Andy,

Per my above post:

The ways I tried to turn it on …] were:

  • Folding up and unfolding both flaps of the keyboard
    “but it still won’t turn on.”]

I will contact support, but if there is any way that I could *fix* the keyboard then please let me know.