bt-key3XL bluetooth foldable keyboard - Blue light does not come on with Fn+C

Plugable bt-key3XL bluetooth keyboard: The blue light does not come on with Fn+C. The red light comes on when I plug it in for a few minutes then turns off. But I have never seen the blue light come on. Pressing Fn and C keys at the same time does nothing, and no bluetooth device is visible on my HTC One M8 Android phone. is the product page.


Thanks for contacting us! I do apologize for any trouble you’ve had with our Bluetooth Folding Keyboard, and I’d be glad to help! Have you already paired the keyboard with another device? If the keyboard is already paired with another device, you should unpair and free it from that device so it can be discovered again.

Once you have made sure the keyboard is unpaired from other devices, please try these steps to get your keyboard paired with your Moto One M8:

  1. Set your Moto One M8 into Bluetooth scanning/discovery mode.

  2. On the keyboard press: FN and 1 at the same time to set it into Bluetooth mode.

  3. Then, press: FN and C at the same time to set it into pairing mode.

  4. You should see the keyboard when scanning on your phone and be able to pair it.

I hope this helps! If you have any further questions, please contact us at: and use Ticket #229663 in the subject line and we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,

Product Owner