Bt-key3 fails to enter pairing mode

The keyboard went completely flat and, after recharging, will not enter pairing mode. I have tried the suggested protocol published by plugable below without success. The keyboard never displays a flashing blue LED. Please advise.

  1. If you have connected the keyboard with any other device, please turn off Bluetooth on that device and forget (or remove) the connection in the device’s settings.
  2. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone. Tap Bluetooth.
  3. Make sure Bluetooth is set ON and let it search for devices.
  4. On the keyboard, press Fn + 1 to go into Bluetooth mode, then Fn + c to go into Bluetooth Pairing mode. The State LED should blink blue.
  5. “Plugable Folding Keyboard” should appear in the Bluetooth settings on the iPhone. Immediately tap it to establish the connection.
  6. Try typing on the keyboard to see if it works.

If you’ve fully charged the keyboard, folded the keyboard up, then opened the keyboard and attempted (but failed) to enter pairing mode, then the keyboard likely needs to be replaced.

Please contact us at with your Amazon (or other retailer’s) order ID for the Plugable Bluetooth folding keyboard and the shipping address that’d be best to send a replacement to. Your open case number is 324156, please include that in the subject line of your email.


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