I hooked up the plug gable sub 3.0 dual monitor station to a brand new hp envy so it could update the drivers. The drivers updated and the system needed to restart. After restarting the login screen would show up, but taking any actions from there (or sitting there for long enough) would lead to the BSOD for windows 8 with a dlkmd.sys error. It looks like this is a driver issue. We are talking the system back to factory. Can you send us the right drivers or show me where to get them? The automatic update driver downloads broke my machine.


Hi Kirt,

Thanks for posting! I’m very sorry the system is bluescreening after the driver install, and I apologize for the frustration. I’d be happy to help!

It sounds like you connected the dock to your Envy without installing the latest driver beforehand. While Windows Update will find a driver and download it automatically, it is not the version we recommend. After your purchase of the dock from Amazon you should have received a thank you email that included directions on how to download and install the latest driver we recommend (please let me know if the email did not come through and I will investigate).

Normally the first step would be to uninstall and clean the current version of the driver from your system, but as you mentioned that you are restoring the Envy back to its factory default that should not be necessary in this case.

Here is a link to the latest version of the driver for the dock that we recommend -->

Please keep the dock disconnected from the Envy while it is restoring and keep it disconnected until the latest driver is installed. Once the driver install is complete please connect the docking station and it should be detected automatically.

Let us know the results when you have a moment and we can determine the next steps from there.

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies


Thank you! The boss bought this for his new laptop and didn’t tell me about any emails he may have received. I just followed the directions on the paper included in the box so yes that’s exactlunwhat happened. I’ll be sure and ride him about this first thing Monday morning. I appreciate your quick response and the link. I’m sure it’ll work wonderfully with the latest drivers installed.


Hi Kirt,

Sorry for my late reply, I was out of the office unexpectedly.

Hopefully with the latest driver everything works as expected. Please let us know the results either way if you have time.

Thank you,