Broken picture across two monitor

Not an even transition from one monitor to another.

When a window gets placed across two monitor the image gets broken into two pieces: one shifted higher and one lower

The same laptop (Lenovo T400) drives one monitor directly thru the VGA port and the second one thru UGA-2K-A. Both monitor are NEC MultiSync EA231.

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for posting! Lets try to figure out why you are seeing this uneven transition from one monitor to another.

Some quick questions to understand the setup and narrow things down-:

  1. What is the current version of OS used on your system?

  2. What resolutions are being reported for each monitor by the OS?

  3. Are both monitors in extend mode?

  4. Does the OS show the two displays aligned perfectly side by side? Could you send us a screenshot of it?

Here is a screenshot of Windows 7 Screen Resolution Control Panel where monitors 1 and 3 are aligned perfectly side by side but monitor 2 (is of a different size in this example) is not perfectly aligned-:


Once you post back with this information, we will figure out the next steps.