Booting a image off of a plugable Communicator U3


I recently purchased one plugable Communicator U3 for my lab. I want to be able to stick in different HDD’s into the U3 and be able to boot different OS’s, such as Window 7, 8.1, Windows Server 2008 r2, and Windows Server 2012 r2. I can push an image to the 3.5 HDD in the Communicator U3 with no problems using Symantec Ghost. When I boot into the HDD in the U3, after I push the image, the HDD does not load all the way into Windows 7. The load screen starts and then BSOD’s. If the U3 is not the device plugable would use for my scenario, what is the device you would recommend?. Please help. Thanks

Hi Jeremy,

Good question - thanks for posting.

Windows does not support booting off of USB drives. The one exception to this is “Windows to Go”, a feature available only with the enterprise version of Windows 8.1.

So unfortunately there’s not much to recommend other than perhaps and internal hot-swap hard drive tray similar to the following:…


Thank you for the quick reply and customer service.