Blurry UGA-2KHDMI at 2560x1440 resolution

I have an ASUS Nitro 5 Laptop running Windows 10, with one Viewsonic VX32760QHD Monitor ( 2560x1440 resolution) connected to the laptop’s HDMI port, and another Viewsonic VX32760QHD Monitor (2560x1440 resolution) connected to the Plugable UGA-2KHDMI which is connected to a USB 3.0 port (blue insert).

Both external monitors work perfectly when they are connected directly to the laptop’s HDMI port.

However, when connected through the Plugable UGA-2KHDMI, the display is blurry at 2556x1440 resolution. Windows -> Settings -> Display also indicates that 2560x1080 is the recommended Display Resolution for the monitor hooked up to pluggable.

When I try the 2560x1080 resolution, the display is no longer blurry, but the aspect ratio is out of whack resulting in thin text and elongated faces of people.

I updated the DisplayLink drivers to the latest, and did a reboot after. Same result.

What can I do to make this monitor to work with the pluggable adapter at 2560x1440 resolution?

Thanks for reaching out!

It definitely sounds like something isn’t quite right here, and we’ll need to dig into system logs to figure out the issue. Can you run our support tool, Plugdebug, and send the resulting .zip to us? Here’s now:

I’ll follow up directly with an email where you can send that.

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