Blurry transitions when new page opens

When I change pages, the text starts out blurry then slowly clarifies. Do I need to change a setting so this isn’t detectable? I’m using a new Lenovo U460 , the plugable USB 2.0 docking station/terminal and a HP 2809m monitor.

Hi Bob,

Thanks for posting! This momentary blur is an interlacing artifact. Interlacing helps improve motion video framerate, but it has downsides you describe for the normal case of text. It’s momentary, but noticeable in some cases.

A setting for it would make a lot of sense (DisplayLink’s drivers used to prioritize text in the past). DisplayLink is working on their next major version of driver (6.0) right now, so it’s a great time to get feedback in. We’re doing that, and there’s a nice end-user forum where it might be helpful to describe what you’re seeing, and see if the next release can help.

If you wanted to do that, visit… (registration required) and that would be the place to start a thread.

We’re talking with DisplayLink and tracking this, too - so please feel to post here or email to request updates, anytime.

Thanks for this post and for your patience!