Bluetooth LE Read/Write problems in Windows 10 (error 0xC0000202)


We recently have purchased a PLUGABLE USB 2.0 BLUETOOTH ADAPTER to do tests with several BLE devices on Windows 10.

It installs and works fine, since drivers are installed automatically and can find and pair with devices that are advertising.

But there are problems when we try to read, write or subscribe to characteristics in the paired BLE devices:
* If we pair with a device that requires a pin-code, in the pairing process, Windows connects with the device and the reading / write operation works fine. But after disconnecting and re-connect again with this device, read / write operations fail with this message in the event viewer:
Device (0xBC6A29AB4E8A) will be using a default ATT_MTU of (23) bytes because the negotiation failed due to (0xC0000202).

This was reproduced with several devices as TI Sensor Tag, Geonaute HRM and Pyle Ear Thermometer, among others.

* If the device paired doesn’t requires to enter a pair code (“Just works” pairing mechanism), the read / write operations always work.

Same tests with other USB dongles (other chip) works fine.

Any ideas about this?
Thank you.

Hi Jose,

Thank you for posting about your experience using the Bluetooth adapter in Windows with BLE. I haven’t had many chances to experiment with BLE in Windows with a PIN code, so I’ll have to see if I can reproduce this problem with my PIN and then find an answer.

Thank you,

Plugable Support