bluetooth headphones wont work, they connect but I get no sound. Windows 10 /w USB-BT4LE

Plugged in the Usb adapter and the drivers installed no problem. Made sure all other bluetooth devices have bluetooth turned off. Paired the headphones with the computer but im getting no sound, No other audio equipment is connected and plugged in to this computer. The icon for the headphones on my computer looks like a bluetooth headset that you take calls with so I dont know if my computer is confused thinking these arent headphones etc. This same pair fo headphones connect to my samsung gs6, gs7 and chrome book without any problems at all. Headphone model is: Mpow Wolverine Bluetooth 4.1

sent a email also before seeing this forum, ticket number is #135413


Thank you for posting your question about your headphones. Typically the symptoms you are describing happen when the speaker needs to be set as the default playback device.

We’ve written a blog post on how to do this here:…

Please try the instructions there, and if it doesn’t work, let me know, and we can take a deeper look at what is happening.


Plugable Suppor

this is what I get, see no pluggable or audio bluetooth device here. My headphones are connected and ive treid to remove and reconnect multiple times to see if that would fix it. Negative so far. Attached screenshot

I’m going to close this thread. PolS reports the adapter is working with the headphones now. Please contact for any related questions.