Bluetooth Headphones connected with this adapter wirelessly is not very Loud on Windows 7 PC

Bluetooth Ausdom M08 headphones are not very loud when connected wirelessly to my Windows 7 computer with Plugable USB Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Micro Adapter . Headphones are very loud when connected wirelessly to my phone or even by wired connection to PC or phone…Just not through this adapter by Plugable. My SOUND configs look fine at 100 percent, but only about 25% sound comes through when connected wirelessly. Any suggestions?

Hello Richard,

Usually there are three different volume controls that need to be taken into account when using Bluetooth audio with a PC.

  1. The volume within the application you’re playing music from.
  2. The volume within Windows.
  3. The volume control on the device itself.

If any one of these are reduced, it can cause volume issues. Different devices manage audio differently. Sometimes increasing the volume will directly control audio on the headphones rather than being a separate control, for example. In which case you may need to manually increase the volume on the headphones themselves.

Double-check these settings, if there are still problems I can help take a closer look at the issue.