Bluetooth Dongle on Windows 10 Desktop, sound stutters to headphones


I purchased the PC bluetooth adapter dongle (Plugable USB Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Micro Adapter) from Amazon.

I just received it and plugged into USB 2 port in my Windows 10 desktop computer.

I’m having problem steaming sound to my headphones, the sound stutters constantly. I can barely go 1 minute without some type of stuttering in the sound.

As you stated, when I plugged into Windows 10, the drivers installed automatically. I discovered the headphones using the Windows bluetooth interface and paired the device.

Please help. I really want this to work, I do not want to return.

My headphones work fine on other devices, like my iphone.


Hi John,

Glad we were able to work this issue out via email!

It looks like the Bluetooth dongle works when moved to another USB port in your computer.

Feel free to contact us again with any questions!

Thank you,
Plugable Technologies