Bluetooth dongle not supported in Windows 10

Product did not install after plugging in dongle, tried installing drivers via cd rom, process gets stopped. Not compatible with Windows 10

Hi Tim - I’m sorry for the frustration! We have many hundreds of customers using successfully with Windows 10 (e.g.… ).

Can you give us a chance to help?  If you could run our debug tool and send the .zip it generates to we’ll take a look.  Here’s how:

Thanks for your patience while we work to help!

Hi Bernie, it is not allowing me to attach the zip file, filtered by Amazon? Tim 920-621-7766

Hi Tim - Email to us direct (not through Amazon) at and it won’t get filtered on our side.  Is any clear error returned for the attachment?

Thanks Bernie, after doing a system restore , Windows 10 finally recognized and installed the dongle. Then it would pair but I had no audio to an LG Sound Bar. I had to go into advanced settings and make the Sound Bar my primary audio device and VOILA, it now works

Hi Tim,

I’m the person that usually handles Bluetooth requests, just back from vacation. I’m really happy it’s working now. If you have any more issues, just let us know.

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