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This is with the Bluetooth USB mini adapter. Windows updated to 1803 in May. Since then I cannot connect to any Bluetooth device. I can find the devices when searching, then when i try to connect it basically times out and cannot connect message displays. This doesn’t matter if i try to connect with my headphones or phone or tablet. I have rung the Microsoft troubleshooter several times, uninstalled the adapter and reinstalled multiple times as well as the drivers. The Bluetooth related services are all on and set to automatic.

I put the adapter in a different win 10 computer that still had the 1703 build and it worked correctly.


Hi Jim,

Thank you for contacting us about your Bluetooth adapter. I’m sorry about the troubles after the Windows update. We have heard from several people who had a similar situation.

As you have probably noticed, the Windows troubleshooters are basically useless (no surprise there). However, we usually can find the problem if we take a deeper look at the situation.

Could you run our diagnostic program? It will gather device information and installation logs that will help me understand what is happening.

To do this, please plug the adapter into your computer, then go to this page, and follow the instructions there:

When you run the program, it will create a zip file on your desktop with your computer name and the date. Please send that file directly to our support email address: and mention ticket #231991 in your subject line.


Plugable Support


I will do that when i get home tonight. Dont know if this also would be helpful, but in my research there is mention of a Bluetooth Hands free service that is not in my computer but is in the older build of win 10 on my wife’s computer. There is a Bluetooth audio service listed and is on but it is not helping. Maybe someone at Microsoft thought to change the service somehow and didn’t make it compatible with some headsets? On the other hand i tried to connect to both android phone and tablet and it would not and those could have been for data transfer not headset use. I do not have a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard to try.


Hi Jim,

Thank you for your message.

Windows 10 fully supports the hands free profile (HFP), and all Bluetooth headsets have to support either that profile or the headset profile (HSP), which is also fully supported in Windows. However, the Bluetooth headset has to be set as the default communications device. There is a difference between these two profiles which allow for two-way communication but with mono, telephone-quality sound, and the audio A2DP profile which allows only listening, but with stereo, CD-quality sound.

There have been problems with 1803 on some computers, but it is more likely something in the details of implementation, rather than the elimination of something as important as support for an entire class of Bluetooth devices.

A more likely cause of your issue is a driver or device conflict in your computer. It often happens that a major Windows 10 upgrade replaces a driver or enables a previously disabled device, that then causes conflicts with other drivers or devices. The Windows Bluetooth software is not the most robust, and it is pretty sensitive to things like this.

I see this a lot and it is something we can usually resolve. If this is the issue, it will show up in the diagnostic files.

Along with sending the diagnostic file, could you please tell me the make and model of the headset you are trying to connect through the Plugable adapter?


Plugable Support


hi I sent the file I am using a bose qc15 with a Btunes bluetooth adapter. This adapter worked well for several months with your mini usb adapter. Then windows did an update and the mini adapter stopped working completely. after a while i guess MS fixed something because it started working again. Then now with 1803 it wont complete the pairing process. I don’t use it everyday so I didn’t notice until it was too late to roll back the update. The curious thing is i cannot pair anything. The devices are found in discovery but when I try to connect it basically times out and says cannot connect try again. I have uninstalled drivers several times and have used to program with drivers on your website, those however does not identify the device correctly and it shows up as unidentified device or cannot use this device. I appreciate your help again. I am sure it will be sorted out eventually.