Bluetooth beeping every few seconds


I have a win8 laptop installed bluetooth adapter. connected my motorola h500 and i get this continous annoying beep like every 3 seconds. any ideas? it works fine other than that. the bluetooth doesn’t beep when connected to my cell phone… thanks.


Hi Crystal-

Thanks for asking!

Is this while you’re running audio through the headset?

On most bluetooth devices I’ve found this sort of regular beep related to either being in pairing or searching mode.

The exact number of seconds may also be a clue- many bluetooth headsets have the beeps timed differently to indicate different issues/modes.

Hope this helps!

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Jeff Everett
Plugable Technologies


it beeped the whole time i was talking to my sister through google voice on my pc…


Hi Crystal-

Thanks for confirming!

The other likely reason I’ve heard bluetooth device beep often is that they will sometimes do this as they get low on battery.

If you charge the device for at least 30 minutes or hopefully an hour or so, does the beeping still happen?




The beeping does not occur when I pair it with my cell phone.


Hi Crystal-

Thanks for confirming that the beep doesn’t happen when you pair with your cell phone.

Since the low battery beep happens only every 60 seconds, this is my current best guess for why you were hearing beeps. If the beeps persist after you’ve charged the device and reconnected to the PC, please let me know whether the beeps sound like any of those described in Motorola’s manual for your headset linked below:…

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