Bluedio T2 Turbine Hurricane Bluetooth headphone does not connect to Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 Sony Vaio Laptop

The pairing process failed at step 7 of Windows 7 section.

My headphones says “pairing completed” and while it shows up in the devices window, it does not connect. I double-click on the icon to show the “control panel” of the Bluedio and it showed as connected for one second then immediately disconnected the next second and it stays disconnected forever. Under “headset options” there is nothing to show. I even checked the Playback Devices Sound Properties for Windows and all bluetooth devices are greyed out. I also tried to set the headphones as the default device in the Control Panel. I clicked Start and typed “audio devices” in the search box. Selected Manage Audio Devices. The headphones is listed with the Bluetooth Hands Free Audio but it’s grayed out. I cannot right click and select Set as Default Device.

Thanks for posting. I’ve read the diagnostic information you sent to us directly and send a set of next steps to take. Thanks!