Blue lights flickering

Usb switch worked for one day, now when i have my device connected from the usb on any computer to the switch , the #1 and #2 lights will flicker back and forth. the device will never allow my mouse and keyboard to connect to the pc


Thank you for your post! I’m sorry you are having problems with your switch. I would like to help you troubleshoot.

Could you run our diagnostic program? It will gather device information and installation logs that will help me understand what is happening.

To do this, please plug the device into your computer along with a peripheral, then go to this page, and follow the instructions there:

This will generate a folder on your desktop. Please send that folder along with your Amazon order number to with Ticket #236556 and I will take a look to see what is going on.


Derek Nuzum
Plugable Techonologies

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