Blinking Monitor

I am on a 2020 Macbook Air (M1 Chip) and I am using two Samsung monitors and the UD-3900. Desktop 1 keeps blinking on and off. I’ve seen several posts about this issue and it seems like there is no real fix. Is there one?

Ok I have downloaded the Plug Debug App and will run it next time it happens and send the zip file to plugable support- that seems to be what I am supposed to do based on similar posts from others who have the same issue.

Hello Stephen,

Thank you for reaching out to Plugable support.

Based solely on your description of the behavior what you are describing could you be the result of a faulty video cable.

When you have a moment could you try another “known good” video cable with your “Desktop 1” to see fit that helps to improve the behavior? Ensure that the cable is properly connected to your UD-3900 and monitor and then test.

We also thank you for providing us with a PlugDebug log file however if you do so, we ask that you not post that information here. Please reach out to us directly by contacting us at You can attach the zip that was created by the utility to that email. Please reference ticket #362196 in the subject line so that we can match things up.

We thank you for reaching out to us and look forward to your reply.

All the best,

Michael S.

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