Bleeding edge portable work/gaming setup with virtual machines.

Pushing the edge:
I am trying to have my cake and eat it too.I use this setup for work and play (virtual for work is setup different.)

I have this:…
32gb memory - with samsung 960 m.2 pci-3ver4 interface 3500M/s 1Tb card (insane fast) It boots to linux in 9sec, and I can launch a win7 virtual in another 6sec.

It runs virtualbox - I have a working setup like this:
O/S Ubuntu 16.10 - base OS -virtual HOST
working virtual GUEST windows machine (win 7 ultimate 64bit) not 3d gaming setup yet

I know that displaylink has working drivers for the linux side now.

Do you know of anyone that has used a ‘USB-C to hdmi adapter’ for the HOST display, so the guest win7 GUEST can use the nvidia 1060 for 3d gaming?

Attempting to get directX 11/12 direct passthru. (fallout4 specs/Neir automata).

Why? because I don’t like dual booting as a solution just to run PC games anymore.
Also I need a large display so I travel it with a 23" IPS monitor. Note: most hotels have monitors/tv with hdmi inputs