Blank display - UD 3900 with Surface Pro 3

I purchased UD 3900 last week and have been using it with surface pro 3 + 2 external monitors for a week without any problem. Today suddenly the monitors are showing blank even though it is shown in the windows display configuration. Windows is treating as if the monitors are present.

I followed all the steps mentioned in this thread, but the problem is not solved yet even after multiple re-installations……

Can you help in solving this?

Thanks for posting! I’ll be glad to assist.

We’ve seen several other reports lately of Surface systems not outputting video through the dock (all seemed to be related to Windows Update sometime in the last couple weeks). The reported symptoms match what you’re describing - Windows “thinks” the monitors are present and functioning, but there’s no output to the displays. In the other cases installing newer Intel video drivers has helped to resolve the issue, so that will be our next step.

We have a blog post including a video that describes and demonstrates the driver update process step-by-step:…

After updating the Intel drivers, please let us know if the monitors return to working as expected.


Nothing helped, but when I restored the system to an earlier date it started working. Not sure if the problem will come again if some windows update is installed.

No, it doesn’t work. First of all when following your instructions, it says driver are up to date. I still rebooted surface pro 3, but no video on external monitor.

I had this problem coming up after a windows update. I didn’t want to restore to an earlier date and tried the steps exactly as mentioned in… and this solved the issue. Hope this fixes the issue permanently.

Thanks for the support !!

at first everything work, then my screen were blank and wireless mouse and keyboard stop working all together because of an update but after following these instructions my screens works but now only my keyboard stop working, anyone know how to fix?
thank you

Hi All,

For those who encounter this thread while researching this issue, we have a blog post with a bit of background the blank DisplayLink screen behavior some Surface users have been reporting:…

As always, Plugable customers are welcome to email and we’ll be happy to assist.