Bizarre video issue with USB3-3900DHE

I have a USB3-3900DHE connected to a USB 3.0 port on my Dell XPS8300 desktop computer. I am using both the HDMI and DVI ports on the USB3-3900DHE for a 4-monitor setup. It generally works well.

However, I occasionally am experiencing an issue where every time I touch my finger to my desk surface (which has a compressed wood surface with metal side rails) the monitors connected to the USB3-3900DHE go black for several seconds losing video synch before coming back a few second later. Touch my finger or hand anywhere on the desk again including the wooden surface, the monitors go dark again. The pattern is clear and consistent when it occurs.

My best working theory is that the USB3-3900DHE is somehow sensitive to a static or capacitive effect. I have tried connecting a grounding wire between the metal part of my desk to the metal chassis of my Dell Computer. Unfortunately, that hasn’t resolved the issue. It’s fascinating when it happens, but is occurring often enough to become annoying.