Best USB hub for iPad music?

Hi, I use an iPad for music production and have concluded that my current hubs are contributing to audio crackling issues, probably because they are STT hubs. Because you need to use a hub to connect both a soundcard and MIDI controllers to an iPad, there is a risk of interference to the soundcard from the hub’s power supply. I like the look of your devices but note that USB3 hubs also can cause interference to Bluetooth.

Noting that music devices and applications don’t use USB3 anyway, what hub that it MTT capable do you recommend?

Hello Gavin,

Thanks for contacting us! I sent the below message to you directly after you sent us an email request on the 18th. Below is that message again for your convenience:

I’m happy to answer your question about the power adapters that come with our hubs on eBay. Almost all of our products listed on eBay are sold with US style power adapters with a few of those products coming with EU or UK style power adapters.

We don’t currently manufacture any Australian style power adapters with our products. We’re sorry if that causes any inconvenience. Our US style power adapters can be converted or adapted to Australian power outlets using a third party adapter.

We appreciate your interest in our products.

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