Best Apapter for my Mac (MBP 5,4 running 10.6.8)


Hi guys, I want to use one of your usb-to-vga adapters, And I was wondering what would be best for a MacBookPro5,4 currently running 10.6.8

I noticed that there are concerns about OS X 10.7. I can image in the future wanting to upgrade the OS. Is it expected in the future that apple or display-link will fix the issues that they are having?



Hi, thanks for your question and for thinking of Plugable. You should not have problems now with OS X 10.6.8 or if/when you upgrade to 10.7.2.

There were a lot of concerns about how graphics adapters using DisplayLink chipsets performed on OS X 10.7 last summer, but these have been addressed with a new driver from DisplayLink available here:…. Make sure to review the limitations with 3D acceleration that DisplayLink mentions.

As far as which adapter to choose, it all depends on the type of external monitor you want to set up.

  1. What resolution do you want to use on the additional monitor you would like to add to your computer?

  2. Does the additional monitor have VGA ports, DVI ports, or both?

  3. What applications are you likely to display on the external monitor?

Your answers will help guide the recommendation I make about which adapter to choose. If you have additional questions about our products (, send them along. We’re here to help.


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Thanks for the follow up.

The Monitor is a Samsung 245BW, with native resolution of 1920x1200

It has both RGB and DVI(HDCP) inputs

I am a software developer, mostly use browsers, text editors, and the console (which often is tailing logs).




Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the feedback. You’d be fine with the UGA-165: It supports your monitor’s resolution and has a DVI output port.

Let me know if you have any additional questions or if you need help during setup should you move froward with a purchase. Have a nice weekend.


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Hi Aaron,

Thanks for your help with selecting the best adapter. I got it last evening and am setting it up this morning, and having an issue, and I wonder if you can help me out.

So, after installing the latest displaylink driver, rebooting, connecting the monitor, the monitor displays letterbox, and is blurry. Also the max resolution offered to me in the display preferences is 1200x1600 — I was expecting it to offer 1920 x 1200.

Note I am using the HDMI connection.



Note same issue with VGA connection (though seems to be less blury – but still not option for the correct resolution)


Hi Jonathan,

This is our mistake, and we’ll make it right. In our effort to save you money, we recommended our midrange adapter but should have suggested our high-end UGA-2K-A adapter given the resolution of your monitor. I’ll get in touch privately to confirm the details of the address where we should send the replacement adapter, and we’ll put it in the mail today. Sorry for the hassle, and thanks for letting us know about the problem so that we can fix it.


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