Beeping sound from hub?

I just purchased a Plugable 10-port USB 2.0 hub for my laptop. I have a mouse, a dongle, an external USB 2.0 drive (Western Digital) and an M-Audio interface (Fast Track Pro) connected, and the hub is hooked up to its own AC adapter.

When the computer sleeps or is turned off, the USB hub starts beeping, and continues to do so until I disconnect the hub from the computer. The beeping happens even with no devices attached to the hub. When I disconnect the ac to the hub, the beeping stops, but then the WD drive clicks and sputters, like it’s not getting enough power, and the laptop does not recognize the drive.


Hi Doug,

Thanks for posting! A beeping sound definitely isn’t normal – so let’s try to get this figured out.

Three quick questions:

  1. Is the beeping very high pitched (at the edge of hearing), or lower (intentional beeping)?

  2. Can you listen in closely and confirm where the sound is coming from – is it the main hub unit itself, or from its power adapter?

  3. Does the beeping still happen even with the M-Audio interface device removed from the hub?

Thanks for letting us know – we want to track this down and squash it!


HI Bernie

It’s definitely an intentional beep; 6 times, 10 times. 4 times, with brief pauses in between, and definitely coming from the hub itself. It doesn’t matter what devices are plugged in; even with no devices, if the hub is ac powered and hooked to a turned-off computer, it beeps until I unplug one end or the other.

Hi Doug - That’s definitely not normal! We’d like to get you a replacement unit. Can you email your Amazon order number to We’ll get that out to your original shipment address right away. Thanks!

I am having the same issue with my 10 port Plugable hub. Same exact pattern of the beeping noise and intervals. Can mine be switched out as well with my order number?
my e-mail is

Thanks you,

Currently working with Singletary to determine the fix for the beeping…