Battery windows device driving a usb monitor.

I would like to run an Asus 168+ usb monitor (or two even) from a battery powered small windows device (to read music on a piano). I’m guessing it might need some sort of inteface to bolster the power on the usb. I wondered if anyone had any experience of this type of thing.
David S

That is, some sort of battery powered bolster on the usb. (I would only be viewing static pdf files on the monitor.)

Unfortunately we don’t have any products that could accomplish this but there are some potential options that would work.

The easiest in my mind would be to use a super high capacity USB battery pack (5V) to provide power to a powered USB hub (would need to accept 5V input) which could then provide power to your monitor(s). You would likely need to make some custom cables to convert the USB output of the battery pack to the power barrel input on the hub, but it’s possible.

Good luck and best wishes!