Battery powered USB3-HUB7C - what plug size?

Can anyone tell me the size of the Male DC Power Plug Connector on the USB3-HUB7C? It does not appear to be a standard 2.1x5.5mm? The reason I ask is I need to power the hub via a 12 volt battery instead of AC. Thanks


Thanks for asking! I’d be happy to assist.

We do not recommend connecting this hub to a battery without a boost/buck converter inline to regulate the power to a steady 12V.

Most 12V batteries actually run above 12V (car batteries when fully charged can run as high as 14V) and as the battery drains the voltage will slowly drop. The hub is not designed to compensate for these fluctuations.

With this in mind, should you choose to proceed the plug size is 5.5mm / 2.0mm which is pretty common.

Thank you,
Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies

Is there another product that you can recommend? I am building a windows 10 single board computer that will power a robot. I choose Windows 10 because it has drivers for anything with a usb plug on it, and I have a lot of usb devices. Most devices are USB 2.

Else, I will find something that will stabilize the voltage, as you suggest.


Unfortunately we don’t have a better product to recommend.