basic question about the usb adaptor running two screens

can i use the one USB 2.0 Video Card (UGA-2K-A)adaptor to run two external screens from my laptop?

Yes, but … you need one adapter per extra monitor that you want to connect over USB.

So if you use the built-in external monitor connector on your laptop to connect one additional display, then adding a single UGA-2K-A gets you that second external monitor.

Or you can connect both via USB with two UGA-2K-As.

Hope that helps! (and we hope you don’t run across any frozen glass :))

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thanks for the speedy reply bernie:)

exactly what i wanted to know
ill be placing an order today then


found some gum on the window yay!!!..thats not gum…

hi bernie, i just tried to purchase and it did not want to send it to australia,

do you ship to us here in oz?