AX88178 on Windows 7 64-bit unable to see LAN

I plugged in the 88178, downloaded the newest windows 7 drivers and installed those. My machine recognizes the device, indicates it is running correctly, but it will not connect to my network. The LAN cable is good, and works on other computers. I get intermittent (1 second out of every 15) signal through the 88178, but not long enough to even recognize and connect. I’ve tried it on all USB ports on my machine. What can I do to get it to connect to the LAN properly ? Running on a Dell Inspiron

Hi Michael,

Sorry to hear about the problems with this product connecting to the network.

To continue the support process, can you send an email containing

  • Your order ID for this product

  • The serial number of the unit

to with the subject of “Plugable network adapter info for Aaron”?

Once I get your e-mail, I’ll get back in touch with next steps.

Best Regards,

Plugable Technologies