AX88178 does not install on Sierra (10.12)

Will be forced to return this. Website says it works with 10.12 but ran installer and product does not work.

PDF help says to check with kextstat but does not say what to do if the extension is not found.

Hi Ray,

Thank you for posting the question here. We have our USB2-E1000 Ethernet adapter (using AX88178 chip set) with our Macbook Retina Sierra macOS 10.12 with the latest driver from ASIX, and it did work.

(Actually we are the one who has reported that the previous one didn’t work to ASIX, and ASIX provided the fix as that latest driver.)

If the adapter didn’t work, there might be something in the adapter or the network but not the device driver. Please contact us at directly with the following information. We’ll be happy to assist you.

  • Amazon Order ID
  • MAC address of the unit, written in the back

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