AX88178 disappears until restart

using Windows 7 x86 with an ASIX AX88178 USB2.0 Gigabit Ethernet.

Device works fine until I unplug it.
When I plug it again windows doesn’t see it at all.

I need to restart windows, and it re-apprears again…
any idea?

Hi Dr. Fix,

Thanks for contacting Plugable Support. Sorry that the Gigabit Ethernet adapter only is working on restart. I have some questions to try to get a handle on what might be happening.

  1. How are you attaching the adapter to your PC–directly or through a hub?

  2. If it’s through a hub, is it powered with its own AC adapter?

  3. Is there a reason that you unplug the adapter? Is it just because you’re taking the computer (assuming it’s a laptop) somewhere else and leaving the adapter. Or has something gone wrong that requires you to unplug it?

  4. When you say it is not recognized on replug, is this under every condition. If you just unplug it and replug it without doing anything else to the computer, does Windows not see it? Or is there more complexity (e.g., unplug it, turn on WiFi, close the computer, use it somewhere else, put the computer to sleep, come back to the adapter and reconnect it, open the computer, and the adapter is not seen on wake up). Be as specific as possible.

Your answers will help guide the next steps in the troubleshooting process. Again, I’m sorry for the lack of a plug-and-play experience and will do my best to help you get everything functioning properly.

Best Regards,

Plugable Technologies

the AX88178 device is included in LXE Marathon tablet cradle.
So when I rmove the windows 7 tablet from the cradle it is unplugged.

To answer your questions:

  1. The device is in the tablet cradle
  2. The cradle and the device are ac-power connected
  3. I unplug the adapter when I remove the tablet from the cradle :smiley:
  4. Windows 7 never see the device again at all. In devices manager it’s not listed, after scan for hardware changes it never appears.


Hi Dr. Fix,

It looks like this is the AX88178 chipset that is integrated into the LXE Marathon tablet cradle, is that right? (the Ethernet RJ45 port on the cradle itself)

If I’m wrong, and it’s a Plugable adapter connected through the cradle, please let me know.

We can’t offer support for non-Plugable brand products, so ultimately we’d recommend contacting the tablet and cradle marker – which appears to be part of Honeywell? (… )

When you get support from the manufacturer of the cradle, probably the key clue will be whether it’s just the Ethernet port, or all devices connected through dock / cradle that don’t come back – that’ll point towards the cause.

Thanks and best wishes!