Avira causing UGA-2K-A Displaylink high CPU/no wake on MacOS 10.7.5?

I have a UGA-2K-A that was working fine on my windows pc. I moved it to my wife’s Mac Mini running 10.7.5 and it runs fine most of the time. But (and here’s my question) sometimes the screen won’t wake from sleep and the displaylink process is running at 27-56% of the cpu. As far as i can tell the only difference between when it wakes ok and when it won’t wake is when Avira AV is running a scan on the mac. I have Avira on both PC and Mac it there was never a problem on the PC.

Any thoughts?

Hi Martin-

Thanks for posting with your issue, sorry for the delay in responding. We’ve tried to duplicate this issue on another MacMini with no success, so I suspect something specific to your system is going on.

If you can please reply with the output from the DisplayLink support tool we can check to make sure you’re running the recommended v 1.7 version of the DisplayLink driver. Instructions on use and download for the support tool are here:

Please note that if you’re running v 1.8 of the DisplayLink driver this is recommended only for Mountain Lion users.

Best wishes-

Jeff Everett
MCITP Enterprise Support Technician
Plugable Technologies