Audio very low?!?!

My audio on my external speakers is unusually low. I am only connecting to my docking station thru usb an d then out to the speakers thru the mini jack for speakers. Any advise??

Hello, I am having the same issue, with windows 7. The volume is ok, from the pc speakers, but from the usb 3.0 docking is very low. I already configure all the audio properties and volume the the louder in windows.

Hi Juan - Thanks for posting, we’ll be able to help. Since you’re on a different product (USB 3.0 docking station, if it’s our, and the instructions would be different, could you email your Amazon order # to ? We’ll be able to help. Thanks!

Hi - thanks for the question. So you are getting some audio out of the speakers, just quite low?

The dock is calibrated for external speakers, which usually means people asking the opposite – about why when the software volume in the OS is normal, the speakers are so loud (with headphones, be careful - it can be quite loud at first, until you adjust the volume down).

A couple things to try:

  1. Try the speakers connected directly to your PC. Confirm they work at the expected volume
  2. Most OSes set, and remember the last setting, of each audio device independently. So it’s quite possible for the external audio on your PC to be set relatively loud, while a new USB audio device (like that in the dock) is configured for low volume. Try again to configure the volume specifically for the USB audio device on the dock (The UD-160-A’s audio function is provided by a C-Media CM-6300 USB audio chip)

How audio is configured varies by operating system (Windows 7, XP, Mac, etc.). And it can get confusing with many audio devices attached to the system. If you can’t get it configured, and want to reply with the OS you’re running, and we’ll try to reply with more help.

Thanks for asking!