Audio Output Switches When I Pause Netflix

I have an ASUS laptop running Windows 10. When I plug in the laptop to my Pluagable (UD-3000) the audio plays out through the external speakers right away.

However, an issue arises every time I pause playback on Netflix in my Chrome browser: when I restart playback audio invariably begins playing through the internal laptop speakers. The only way to get the audio to play through the external speakers again is to disconnect and reconnect the Plugable device from my laptop.

I have set the Plugable to my default audio and change no other settings when I pause Netflix. Is there a solution available other than constantly having to disconnect my Plugable??

Hello Sarah - I am very sorry to hear about this! Can you please verify in our control panel > sound > playback tab that the docking station instance is your default playback device and your default device by setting both check marks? With that same windows open, can you please pause Netflix to see if anything changes in this window?

I don’t seem to have a control panel (or anything other than driver software) for the plugable device. However, updating the driver software seems to have solved my issue :slight_smile: Also, using Firefox (pre-update) worked as well!

Thanks for letting me know. I am happy to hear you have solved the problem!

Happy movie watching :slight_smile: