Audio drops on UGA-2khdmi

I have been using the UGA-2khdmi for about a week and after some wrangling had everything working. A couple of times the audio drops for now reason and indicates that the speakers are not plugged in. They are plugged in but if I disconnect and reconnect I can get them to work again. Help?!

Hi Lisa, thanks for posting! Sorry to hear that the audio is dropping when connected to our adapter and I will be happy to help!

To further clarify the behavior, when you mention that you reconnect your speakers in order to get them working again, are you disconnecting the HDMI cable from our UGA-2KHDMI adapter and then reconnecting it in order to re-establish audio from your monitor/TV? Or do you have to unplug and reconnect desktop speakers from the audio port or USB port on your computer? I’d just like to clarify what you are disconnecting and then determine next steps from there.

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies

I am using a Vizio 32" tv as my primary monitor for a desktop. We had an extra TV and thought this would be a good idea, now???

I am not using external speakers, just the TV speakers. In the control panel I see a round circle with a red “down” arrow next to the UAG-2KHDMI speaker option.

If I unplug the USB from the tower and reconnect I get the speakers back. I’m now wondering if I power down the tv if that is why the audio loses connection. My husband has been turning off the monitor at night. hmmmm maybe. Thoughts?