Audio does not play through dock headphone connector

I have a set of external speakers which receive their signal through a standard headphone jack.

I also have a dual monitor situation where I have one monitor connected through the docking station and the other directly connected through the laptop’s HDMI port.

My laptop obviously also includes a set of built-in speakers.

The audio jumps all over the place depending on websites I visit or services I use. In many instances the audio from news site embedded videos for some reason almost always plays on the laptop speakers, not the external speakers connected to the plugable.

It does not matter which browser I use.

The sound settings have the plugable set as the default device. This does not matter.

On other sites the audio jumps around. Sometimes I pause a video and come back - the audio jumps to a different set of speakers.

Can you help?

All firmware has been updated.


Which docking station do you have? Our UD-3900? Also what version of Windows is your computer running?


For reference for any other customers reading this post in the future and unaware of how to change the default audio device I’m going to leave this here:…

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