Asus Zenbook Compatibility with UD-6950Z? or another product?

I have an Asus ZenBook Flip 14 (UX461FA) and two Asus 24.1" ProArt WUXGA Monitors 1920x1200 75Hz (PA248QV) that I would like to connect. Currently I can only get one of the monitors working with the Zenbook using the 1 HDMI port on the computer.

I was wondering if I could use your ‎UD-6950Z Docking Station or if you had another docking station or adapter that would work to get these two monitors working with my laptop.

Thank you for your kind assistance.

Hello and thank you for posting!

Thank you as well for the detail you provided that is much appreciated.

We do not have your specific model Asus laptop in our test lab, which means that we cannot guarantee its compatibility with the Plugable UD-6950Z docking station →

However, we have found that most modern laptops running Windows that have at least one USB port available are compatible with the UD-6950Z dock.

The specifications for your Asus system indicate that the laptop has one USB Type-A port and one USB Type-C port located on the right hand side of the laptop, and that there is one USB Type-A port located on the left-hand side.

The UD-6950Z could be connected to any of the available USB ports, because we include both USB Type-A and USB Type-C cables in the box with the dock (of course only one is necessary).

The UD-6950Z docking station is based on DisplayLink USB video technology, which means that the dock will work even when connected to a USB Type-C port that does NOT support video output via VESA Alt Mode video. I make mention of this detail because according to the specifications of your Asus laptop, the USB Type-C port does NOT support video output via VESA Alt Mode video.

To put that another way, the UD-6950Z dock should work when connected to any of the USB ports within your Asus laptop.

A few important notes:

  • The UD-6950Z does NOT charge the host laptop. You will have to connect the Asus power adapter to the laptop in order to charge the laptop while the laptop is connected to the dock.

  • The Asus PA248QV displays you mention have a maximum refresh rate of 75Hz. The maximum support refresh rate via the UD-6950Z dock is 60Hz.

  • The Asus PA248QV displays you mention appear to be geared towards graphics/color correction work. Please note that color calibration utilities are not supported in conjunction with any DisplayLink-based product such as the UD-6950Z.

With all that said, should you elect to move forward with a purchase and find that the UD-6950Z does not work as expected we do offer a 30-day no-hassle return policy for all products sold by Plugable and fulfilled by Amazon.

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies

I placed the order and my UD-6950Z arrived today. So far everything seems to be working well. Thank you so much for your help.


Thank you for getting back to us with the update, and we are glad to hear your new Plugable UD-6950Z docking station is working as expected.

Thank you for your patience throughout the process, and please have a good day!


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