Asus Transformer mini T102 ethernet adapter

Hi Does any one know of a usb 3 to Ethernet adapter that will pxe boot 100% with The ASUS transformer mini T102ha running windows 10?.

Hi Gareth,

Thank you for posting. I’m happy to address your question.

I would like to start by saying that it can be very difficult to find a compatible USB Ethernet adapter to use for PXE boot. USB Ethernet adapters all rely on drivers to function, and normally these drivers don’t load until after an operating system boots. In order for PXE boot to work with a USB Ethernet adapter, the motherboard must have pre-installed drivers that support the chipset used by the adapter.

This information is often not easily accessible, so I recommend contacting the manufacturer (in this case Asus) to determine if your motherboard has any built-in driver support for USB Ethernet adapters, and if so what chipsets are supported.

For ease of reference, below I have listed all of our USB Ethernet adapters that are compatible with your Asus system, along with their Amazon link and chipset:

  1. USB3-E1000
  1. USB3-HUB3ME
  1. USB2-E1000
  1. USB2-E100