Asus TF300T Android Tablet not recognizing 7 Port powered usb hub

My Asus TF300 tablet (Jellybean 4.1.1) is not recognizing the 7 port powered usb hub (or anything I plug into it) - is a powered usb hub just not supported? The hub is plugged into the tablet via the Asus usb 40pin to usb adapter - without the powered hub my flash drives and powered hard drives are recognized - when i try and use the hub nothing shows up as being plugged in on the tablet.

Hi Mark-

I have a TF300T here that works with our powered hubs when they’re connected via the keyboard dock.

Have you verified that other devices work when connected to the 40pin/usb adapter?

Does the hub work when connected to a PC or other device instead?

This should work, so I suspect something with your tablet or 40 pin adapter is at issue, however I’m not trying to point fingers. If you find the hub doesn’t work with other devices please let me know.

Best wishes-

Jeff Everett
MCITP Enterprise Support Technician
Plugable Technologies

Hey Jeff,

Thanks for the reply! Yes I have checked both of your suggestions. Using just the 40 pin to usb adapter I’ve connected flash drives, a WD 500gb usb hard drive, and utilized an ethernet adapter from BobjGear. I also plugged the hub into my laptop and it recognized whatever I plugged into it. So seems it is something to do with the tablet but not sure what. I’ve got a question posted to the TF300 forum as well.

Hi Mark-

Let us know what goes you find from the Asus forum and people. Since neither the hub nor 40 pin adapter seem defective I think something unique to your tablet is probably the root cause here.

If there are any further details we can help with please let us know.