ASIX AX88178 and Windows 32 Bit Driver

Hi I have a windows 2003 server with 3 interfaces all VLAN’d. All works cool except the new interface, ASIX AX88178 .

Now I wonder if driver related as I can’t find a 32 bit driver for windows 2003 server.

I can ping the interface on the machine but not from any other machine in same VLAN and IP subnet.



Hi Tony,

Thanks for asking! Unfortunately, I have bad news.

Drivers are no problem. Windows Server 2003 shares the same driver architecture as Windows XP. Let us know if you have any problem with the XP 32-bit drivers for the ASIX AX88178 from here:…

But the VLAN setup is a more fundamental issue. The AX88178 chipset and driver does not support assigning the adapter to a particular VLAN.

It sounds like that might be essential functionality for what you’re trying to do. We never want customers stuck with hardware that won’t work for their needs. A return for a full refund is no problem.

If you’re within 30 days, just visit…

And if it’s past 30 days, just email and reference this thread. We’ll be able to take care of you.

Again, my apologies and thanks for asking so it’s clear what’s happening.


Thank you for your email.

i have done some testing and its not a VLAN problem as its a seperate NIC so I am not expecting the card to be VLAN aware.

I have 5 of these NIC’s all work on straight Windows 2003 server fine, its when the Windows 2003 Server is a virtual machine on Citrix XEN server.

While Citrix sees the USB NIC and I see it in the Windows 2003 Server VM and can set the IP, I can ping the interface from within the VM but Cirtix wont pass the traffic to the switch so i conclude that Citrix XEN Server is not compatible with the NIC which is shame as I like the NIC.

I looked in XEN server with xcsconsole and looked and it see’s it but unlike the Intel NIC It see’s it as “unknown”

I will buy a few Intel USB NIC’s if I can find them. I’ll keep these for other uses.



Hi Tony - Thanks for letting us know!