ASD Monitors

I am currently working behind my computers ASD and it is not recognizing dual monitors. I do not have a laptop. I purchased the Plugable USB 2.0 USB to VGA and it works perfect for 1 monitor but I still can not see the second monitor. Is there a way to get both monitors working with one plugable or do i need to purchase another one

Just bought the Plugable and it blinks when I plug in the USB but it does not stay on

Thanks for reaching out! I’d like to grab logs from your system to see what could be going on here. Can you run our support tool, Plugdebug, and respond back via email with the .zip file it creates? Here’s how:

I’ll follow-up shortly with an email where you can send that!

HI, I found the problem. My ASD program is ran on Lenox. And Plugable right now does not support lenox. SO i will be returning the plugable as I can not use it.

While this may not work on all Linux distros, if your machine runs a version of Ubuntu supported by DisplayLink, you may be able to get this working. Here’s DisplayLink’s Ubuntu driver page, they have drivers available for most LTS versions starting with 14.04.

Otherwise, please do reach out if you need any assistance with a return!

OK I get it. Question I have a ASD program on a USB that I have to access in the UEFI Side of my computer, Would it still work behind the bios or no

I’m not quite sure what you mean here. Can you clarify a few points for me?

  • What is an ASD program?
  • Are you running a Linux from a bootable USB drive?
  • What interaction with the BIOS are you attempting to perform?

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